Rental Contract

In consideration of the agreements of the Resident(s), known as: _______________,
The owner hereby rents them the dwelling located at ______________, for the period commencing on the ____day of ______, 20__, and monthly thereafter until the last day of _______, 20______, at which time this Agreement is terminated. Resident(s), in consideration of Owners permitting them to occupy the above property, hereby agrees to the following terms: Read More

Official Process After Death



Official Process after Death

Declaration Term, Method and Liability

It is mandatory to report the incidents of death; place, if the place is unknown you need to report where the body found. If the incident happened in a vehicle, the place where the body is taken out of the vehicle should be reported to the Civil Registration Directorship.
Reporting the death incident: from the date the incident reported, death reports organized by the authorities according to the sample should be submitted to the relevant County Civil Registration Directorship in maximum 10 days. 

ID card of the dead person must be attached to the death report. If there is no ID card, this condition should be specified in the report.

Death should be reported due to the conditions and places where it occurred by the officers: 
1. Persons who are authorized to issue bury permit in cities and towns according to the 24/4/1930 date and 1593 serial law, 
2. Official doctors or health institution personnel or autonomous persons in villages, 
3. Institution directorship at hospitals and nursing home,
4. Doctors or military branches or persons who is assigned by the basal commandership in military organizations, 
5. Officers who are assigned by the local governors in natural disasters,
6. Republic prosecutors in forensic incidents or accidents,
Those authorities or officers are responsible to declare the deaths to the General Directorship or Civil Registry Directorship in 10 days after the incident happened (or after they are informed about the incident in foreign countries)

Wife Whose Husband is Dead

Woman whose husband is dead, stays in the registry board of her husband unless she get married again. And she continues to carry his surname. Due to her free-will, she can go back to her old registry; she can have back her own maiden surname upon her written petition.

Deaths in Village

In villages, if there is any doctor or an health institution officers, if not, the village autonomous arranges the death report. The village autonomous is obliged to prepare the death report proper to the sample and then to send it to the county civil registry directorship adding the dead person’s ID card. The autonomous should arrange the death report in three copies, and then send the two copies to the Civil Registry Directorship, and keeps the third copy in the village death record file.

The village autonomous is obliged to arrange a declaration form for the deaths about which he is not informed but he found out by him. In this case, he needs to visit city civil registry directorship and submit a report to defend him and he is charged a fine. According to the 3rd article of 68th Law, if there is no satisfactory excuse, he is charged with guilt.

Deaths in Towns Where There is a Health Institution

Upon the death incidents happening in City, County and Town, declaration is made by the authorized official doctor (Government, Municipality, and Health Center Doctors). If there is no official doctor in a place, declaration is made by a medical personnel or an officer assigned for this duty. Upon the demand for the burial permission, death report is arranged and then, county civil registry directorate is notified.

If there is Turkish ID card which belongs to the death person, it is attached to the death report.

If there is a condition that the body should be carried to another place than the death happened, the death report should be arranged by the official department which authorize the transportation of the body.

Deaths in Health Institutions, Correction Places, Prisons, Industrial Facilities and Similar Government Corporations

When the death incident happens in official or private health institutions such as hospital, birth clinics, and prison and correction house, dormitories, industrial facilities, official or private work places with any reason; the death reports arranged due to the samples should be sent to Civil Registry Offices in ten days after the incident reported. Turkish ID card must be attached to the report.

For the death reports arranged properly by the private health institutions, additional authorization process is not required.

Deaths in General Transportation Vehicles

Natural deaths occurred in general mass transportation vehicles such as plane, ferry, train, responsible persons from these vehicles should arrange death report in three copies. At the first coming stopping station, two copies of this death report should be sent to the county civil registry directorship. If the first stop station is in a foreign country, the two copies of the death report should be sent to the nearest Turkish Consulate in ten days upon arrival.

If the notification can not be sent because the address is not known in the relevant foreign country, the copy of report can be sent to the Turkish Consulate Turkish Consulate

in the final destination.

Multiple Deaths Caused by Natural Disasters, Accidents

In the mass death conditions under the circumstances in natural disasters such as earthquake, flood or in accidents in the air, on the sea or on the railways, highways or in the mines, building collapses, officers who is assigned by the Governor or Caimacam will specify the identities of dead people.

In case, when the identification is not possible, photos of death people will be taken by the assigned officer and will be saved in a special file.

If the incident was taken over by the juridical departments, after the investigation carried out by this departments, death people’s identification, civil registry place will be transferred to the list in two copies. Bottom of the lists designated as a incident report then signed and authorized by the officer.

Afterwards, in case there is no possibility of arranging lists, relevant department’s official papers added to those lists then, death reports organized and sent to county civil registry directorship in the same files with the lists. 

If county civil registry building was damaged, official process is carried out according to the directions of the ministry.

Deaths of Foreign Origin Person Married With A Turkish Citizen

In case of a death of a foreign origin person who is married with a Turkish Citizen in or outside of Turkey, upon the delivery of the official documents showing the person’s death to the Turkish Consulates (outside of Turkey) or bounded Civil Registry Directorate (in Turkey); County Civil Registry Directorate gives serial number from the board of “other incidents” and an explanation is placed in the Civil Registry Sample ‘s “thoughts” part about the incident then “widow” is written on the person’s martial status of the registry.

Death Reports Arranged by Civil Registry Directorships

Death reports is being arranged by the county civil registry directorship in the following cases: relevant peoples application with an official document in person, or death notification by official departments or sending a status and death report arranged by security officer about a person fugitive from the military duty. 

As an official report considering the death incident; papers issued by official departments based on the health institution, private hospitals, reports, traffic accident reports, court registries, court verdicts or similar documents accepted.

Deaths in a Foreign Country

Death incidents of Turkish Citizens in abroad, can be declared by sending the documents taken from the foreign official departments to the Turkish Turkish Foreign Represent Office.

Holding Registries Reports, about The Deaths in Abroad, in Turkey
In case, the death of the Turkish Citizen is not declared to the Turkish Consulate for any reason; County Civil Registry Directorship arranges the death report after authorization and translation of the document taken from the foreign official departments.

Registration of Death into the Family Civil Registry Board

Two copies of the death report is registered by the official departments into the family board.

Death and inheritor declarations based on the death report, should be sent to the local tax office. In this declaration, the address of the dead person is taken from his residence registry. Therefore, the address is being declared from the relevant civil registry office to the tax office. 
The dead person;
1. if the residence address is not in the same county with civil registry office, besides the registration by the civil registry office in the digital board, death and inheritor reports will be sent to the tax office in residence of the dead person, 
2. if there is no address information in the death report because of it was able to find out the latest residence address of the dead person, civil registry directorship in the same place where the death incident declared, completes the death registry and notifies the tax office in the same residence of the civil registry office of death person. 

Lifting Register of Death
The death registry which is registered in the family board can be dismissed by the court order.
The death registry can be dismissed by both opening a legal case and proposing the mistaken registry made by the civil registry directorship. This proposal sent to the Republic Prosecutor so as to open the legal case.

Death of Persons Holding Foreign Citizenship

In case the death of a foreign originated person’s death declared to the civil registry directorship, three copies of death report arranged. One copy is given to the relevant person, another copy is hold in the foreigners death file and the third copy is sent to City Security Department. 

If there is resident report attached to the death report arrived to the Civil Registry Directorship, the resident permit should be sent to the relevant city’s security directorship.
If the dead person was a citizen of a foreign country which has taken part in an international agreement with Turkey, a sample death report which is arranged multi-lingual form, should be sent to the General Security Directorship so as to be transferred the origin country.

Death of A Person Who is not Registered in Civil Registry Board

Death reports of a person who is not registered into the family registration board, they are accepted by the Civil Registry Offices provided that they are sent in the legal time. After finishing the legal declaration term, if those death reports sent to civil registry offices are arranged according to the official or private health institutions’ registries, they are accepted by the Civil Registry Office and process starts.

Claim of Identification Theft of Dead Brother/Sister

Any identification theft claim is not accepted unless the stolen identification is being shown as an official document and this document must show birth and death incident of the relevant person. 
As an official document: 
1. Birth and death reports based on the health institutions, 
2. Permission of bury and their registry samples,
3. Registry and process sample about the relevant person in the other official departments,
4. Registry and graduation documents if the relevant person had attended any school in past. 
After a wide range investigation by the security department about the claim, the file will be sent to the ministry, and process goes on according to the official order. 

Death Indication
If a person get lost during the disaster incidents that is believed the person is dead, the person registered as dead by the city governor even his/her body is not found.

Registration of The Person Whose Death is Assumed Certain

Inheritors, Brother/sisters, Spouse of lost person, who is certainly believed that he/she is dead by now, should apply to ay civil registry directorship with a written statement.
During the application, any official document which can prove the claim must be submitted. If there is no any official submitted, they are required to bring a proof document.


If there is strong possibility about the death of a person who is lost or not heard from him/her for long-tern in an incident, a court could issue a verdict about his/her total loss upon the application of his/her close relatives.
After court verdict, if the body of the person found, the death is registered into the family’s board of register. 
Issuing loss verdict by the court, creates legal conditions of death.

Repeal of Absence
If the lost person would be found in the future, the person’s status will corrected by the court and the person’s civil registry will be renewed based on the court verdict.


Marriage Process



Marriage Process

Authorization Limit

Marriage officer; if it is municipality, president or the officer assigned for this duty, if it is village, autonomous person. City Civil Registration and Population Directorship, Civil Directorship, Turkish Consulates and Represent Offices can be authorized with marriage duty. In case one of the spouses has foreign originality, municipality marriage office and civil registry directors are authorized.

Marriage Qualification and Requirements

A man or woman who is not bound to another person’s guardianship can marry if they complete 18th age. They do not need to have consent of any person. Besides; 
If they complete their 17th age, they can marry with the consent of their parents/guardian.

If they complete their 16th age, they can marry with the permission of the Judge.
Judge can give permission to marry after hearing parents/guardian.
However; persons who is not capable of make decision, or persons who is 15, can not marry even if they get permission from the court.

Marriage Limitations

1. Being Relative; 
a- Between upper and lower descents; between brothers/sisters, uncle, aunt and nephew/niece,
b- Even if the marriage creating “in law affinity” ends, between one of the couple and the other’s upper and lower descend,
c- Between adopted and one these lower descend or his/her spouse,

2. Being married; 
The person whose status is “married” according to the civil registry, can not marry again. During the application, marriage limitation will disappear in case death of the previous spouse, divorce, court decision. However, as long as these mentioned incidents is not registered into the family civil registration boards, persons can not marry again.

3. There is legal wait-term for the woman;
A woman whose marriage is null, is divorced or her husband is dead, can not marry again in 300 days. However, if woman gives birth in this 300-day period, this wait-term will no longer valid.

4. In case of being “lost”; 
Spouse of the missing person should wait for another marriage until the relevant court decides that their marriage is terminated.

5. If there is no health report; 
Due to the General Health and Hygiene Law’s 24/4/1930 dated and 1593 serial numbered articles, with the 17/8/1931 dated and 11682 serial numbered Board of Ministry decision, Regulation of Marriage Health Check says marriage process can not be completed without the proper health examination.

6. Mental diseased persons can marry if there is no health report saying that there is no medical inconvenience against their marriage.

Required Documents in the Marriage File:

a) Two copies of marriage document. 
b) Sample of Turkish ID with picture
c) Health report from government or private health institutions. 
ç) Free-will document.
d) Passport-size picture (4 pieces) 
e) Civil Registry Sample or marriage license. 

If you do not get health report, you are not allowed to marry. 
For the marriages of persons who have mental disorder, after having health report from the board of health they are allowed to marry. 

If the marriage of the couple depends on the parent’s permission, they must submit a petition showing parent’s consent during the application. If this consent petitions includes their signature, the officer should confirm the signatures. Consent petitions can only be signed before the marriage officer. By this way, the officer confirms the signatures. If one of the parents is dead, signature of the alive or of the guardian is enough. If the consent letter is signed by the guardian, court verdict is required by the marriage officer and added in to the file. 

Passport size picture should be appropriate to the guidelines. You must submit four pieces pictures and you should not wear any cloth covering your face. They must be taken in last 6 months. Women’s picture with headscarf is accepted as long as their forehead, chin and face are apparent. 

Civil registry samples arranged based on family registry board by the Civil Registry, show person’s full record and their marriage condition. Therefore these documents can be accepted as an evidence which shows there is no against condition for the marriage. Marriage officer asks for civil registry sample from the each applicant and attach it to the file. Couples can not marry based on the single ID card evidence.

A document arranged properly, authorized legally and including the person’s name, surname, parents name, birth date, and information about if there is no legal restraint, given by the foreign official departments for the relevant foreign originated person, is accepted as Marriage license. 

In case, marriage officers believe that they are submitted false/fake documents, documents sent to the Consulate/Representment ship of the relevant country by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so as to get authorization of authenticity. 

Stateless, immigrant persons and persons with failed citizenship status, should have authorization from the official departments in which their records are being kept due to the Marriage Code’s 13th article.

Original marriage licenses should be saved in the marriage files.
Marriage licenses given by the foreign departments will be processed due to the Marriage Directory’s article 20.

Procedures and Investigations During The Marriage Application

Marriage officer will receive the marriage request forms and application documents. Upon this initial step, the officer will consider if those documents were arranged properly, and if they contain correct information. If marriage license was demanded, the officer should check whether there is difference between the Turkish ID and this license. The officer will consider also age matters. If marrying persons are not at the minimum age level, the officer will search for the required permissions from parents or the court. The officer will check the Turkish ID Sample and endorse it. Then, the petition will be accepted and registered. Due to the application line, the couple will be noticed about the actual marriage date / time for ceremony.

Advertising is not required to implement the marriage.

Marriage Permit Document

At the end of file investigation, if there is no obstacle for the marriage and they submit all required documents, couples are given their declaration form as signed and authorized upon their demand. 
Couples having this type of document can marry without arranging such a marriage file in or outside of Turkey. 
The document is valid for 6 months. Expiration date should be specified on the document. The married couple who used this document during the marriage should notify marriage office in 15 days.

Refusal of Marriage

Marriage officer can refuse to continue marriage process if any obstacle determinated after evaluation of the spouse’s file due to the Marriage Directory’s article 15. The spouse notified about the reason immediately. Marriage can not be completed unless spouses prove the obstacle reason is irrelevant or it is not exist. If the obstacle reason is because of a missing procedure in the civil registry board of the family, the marriage process can not be completed unless this procedure is complete.

Marriage Duty and Authority in Abroad

If the local law accepts the authority of marriage process of Turkish Consulate, marriage authority is given to the Turkish Embassy in abroad. 
Honorary consuls do not have authority for marriage process.

Marriage by a Foreign Authority

Turkish citizens living outside of Turkey, or one Turkish citizen and one foreign origin person can marry before the foreign country marriage officers. This type of marriage is valid unless it has a condition which is inconsistent with Turkish Civil Law and unless there is no reason for the marriage to be null. 

These types of marriages should be declared to the closest Turkish Consulate or Represent Office in maximum in 30 days with the official marriage document which is taken from the foreign institution. Foreign Turkish Represent Office should arrange the marriage document properly and then sent it to the civil registry directorships. 

Marriage declaration in case if there is no Foreign Represent Office in that country, or if a declaration is not made to the Represent Office; marriage document issued by the foreign officers should be translated into Turkish by the certified sworn translator and should be sent to the civil registry directorship.

Marriage of Foreigners in Turkey

In Turkey, one Turkish citizen and a foreigner, or persons from different foreign countries can only marry before a Turkish officer. 
Persons from the same country can marry in their own country’s Consulate or represent office as long as their national civil law allows them to marry outside of their country. Besides, they can marry before the Turkish marriage officers. 
If foreigner’s marriage demand is accepted by the Turkish marriage office, Turkish Civil Law’s conditions apply to foreigners as if they are Turkish citizen.

Marriage of Stateless Persons or Person Who Has No Clear Citizenship

Marriage requests of stateless persons, refugees, persons whose citizenship status is not clear, accepted by the marriage officers. 
Their marriage ability status will be checked due to the relevant foreign registries and civil registries if available. They can be given marriage license issued by the General Directorate.

Marriage Contract and Its Method

Spouses, who want to marry, should apply to the Marriage Office located in one of their residence town. However, they are in different cities, or one of them is in abroad, they can apply separately. In this case, separate Marriage Offices should correspond to each other about the situation and share information. 
In both Marriage Offices, all required documents get prepared and combined in one single file. Then, this file will be sent to the Marriage Office where the final process takes place.
Turkish citizens residing in a village or town and wants to marry with a foreign origin person can apply to the marriage offices in their central city or county municipalities or county civil registry directorate. 

Application by a Represent
Person who intended to marry, can hire a legal represent to follow marriage process.
For this purpose, the person should arrange special power of attorney paper. This paper should include identity of legal represent and spouse and purpose of this paper must be written on it. 

Method in Application
You can apply by submitting the properly arranged and signed “marriage statement”. One of the spouses or their legal represents can make the application. 
If both spouses are ready during the application, the marriage officer can confirm the signatures of both people. 
If one the spouse is not present during the application, but his/her signature is already on the application form, the signature on the declaration form should be authorized by the district autonomous person or notary public. If marrying person who is not present during the application is worker or an officer, his/her signature should be authorized by their superior chief. 
Spouses are required to submit photo identification. Otherwise their application will not be accepted. 
The application can also be verbal. In this case, verbal application before the marrying officer should be transferred into declaration paper then signed by the spouses. Marriage officers authorize these signatures. 
Marriage declarations should be written otherwise process will not start. 

Handicapped Persons (unable sign)
If one of the marrying persons is not able to sign the document, finger print of forefinger of the left hand is taken to where the signature required. If the person carries a stamp, this stamp is also applied. If the persons do not have forefinger on the left hand, finger print order; thumb, middle finger, ring finger and pinkie finger. If the left hand does not carry any finger, finger print of the existing finger is taken according to the given order. If there is no left hand, same order applied for the right hand and this circumstance is explained on the report then finally signed by the marriage officer and authorized with the stamp. 

Hear-impaired person’s expression of their marriage means expression of their willpower. During the application and also during the ceremony, process completed with help of translators who understands those special language of hear-impaired person. Those translators should also sign the documents.

Objection to Marriage, Method and Term

While preparing marriage file, relevant persons can declare that the couple has no ability for marriage, and can express the reasons not to marry until 17:00 on the last day before the ceremony day. 
Objections made on the ceremony day will not be accepted. 
If there is objection reason other than regular ones, this reason should be specified in the petition and applicant’s identification, address and signature should be placed on the documentation.
If objection is based on one of the marriage obstacles, documents about this issue should be attached to the petition, or at least, convincing information must be supplied to support this proposition.

Marriage office notifies both spouses about the objections made relevant to the regular protocol in 24 hours. The marriage office requires an answer in 10 days, and demand documents proving the condition does not exist. If it is required, the can correspond with other government departments. The office reexamines the file after the answers arrived or at the end of the given term; 
1-If it is understood that the objection is proper, the office refuses to continue marriage process then notifies the spouses. 
2-If it is found that the objection is not true or the objection reason is disappeared based on a legal verdict, the marriage officer refuses the objection. The result is sent to the demurrer and to the spouses then marriage process continues.
If the demurer submits a verdict about the marriage process discontinued and a document that is saying “refusal of marriage” lawsuit started, from the court in 10 days, marriage process will be stopped till the end of the lawsuit.

Objection Authority of Republic Prosecutor
Until the marriage complete, republic Prosecutors can object the marriage process if there is any one of the absolute nullity. 
If the denouncement made to republic prosecutor about the marriage is found serious, marriage office is notified about the situation. Marriage officer investigate the claim according to the protocols and base Marriage Regulations article 24, if the marriage officer thinks that the claim is not proper for the condition, republic prosecutor notified about the condition and then continue the marriage process. If the republic prosecutor is not notified about the lawsuit of refusal of the marriage in ten days, marriage is completed. And the justified result is sent to the republic prosecutor. 

Marriage Ceremony Process in the Business Hours 
Marriage ceremonies conducted during the day time work hours. However, due to the spouses’ preferences, marriage ceremonies can be held in the special place or hall on weekends or out of business hours or in official holidays. 

Ceremony Area
It is essential that the marriage ceremonies take place in the specially designated official buildings or places. However, upon the freewill of the spouses; 
1 – In residences, special buildings or halls, 
2 – For the arrested persons or prisoners, in prison or correction houses upon the permission of the Republic Prosecutor,
3 – For patients, in hospitals upon the permission of the chief doctor. 

Official marriage ceremony is not allowed to happen in the special places that do not allow the persons express their freewill and does not fit the meaning of the marriage. In this case, marriage officer postpones the marriage.

Publicity, Protocol and Format in Marriage
Marriage process takes place before the authorized marriage office and at least two witnesses and spouses themselves in public. 
Absence of guests does not mean that the marriage process happened overtly. 
Marriage can not takes place with power of authority.

The marriage officer asks to the spouse separately whether they want to marry or not in front of the witnesses and guests at a place and on a specific time previously specified. Upon their positive answer, and upon the witnesses’ confirmation, the officer gets the marriage board signed by all the parties and declares aloud that this process is legal. Then, the officer signs the board after adding date and time. 
Hear impaired persons can answer with sign-language. Marriage officer, if it is required, can demand assistance of a person translating the sign language before the marriage. In this situation, spouses should have assistant translator. If hear-impaired spouses know reading and writing, their declarations can be accepted in writing. 
If foreign origin spouses do not know Turkish, marriage officer can use a translator from where recognized by the Turkish Republic. This translator must be invited to the ceremony place by the spouses.

Requirements of Witness
To be eligible to witness in a legal process, you should be an adult, and should be able to make decision, besides, you should have known the person who you want to witness about him/herself. The witness gives testimony about the freewill of the persons who want to marry, confirms the truth of the identification of the person and marriage process is completed.

In Case of Officers Being Chary
If the marriage officer notices a refusing posture on one of the marrying couple during the ceremony, the officer can postpone the marriage ceremony. 

Registration of Marriage into the Marriage Board
Marriage process is registered into the “Marriage Board” by the officer and signed by the husband, wife, witnesses and officer. Therefore, marriage process completes.

Declaration of the Marriage to the Civil Registry Directorship and Registration into the Family Board 
Civil Registry Directorate should be notified with the properly arranged marriage declaration form about the marriages processed by the Turkish officials in Turkey in ten days after the marriage.

Marriage process carried out by the Consulates or Represent Offices outside of Turkey, should be declared to the Civil Registry Directorate in 30 days after the marriage. 

Marriages carried out by the foreign institutions outside Turkey, declared to the civil registry directorships as long as properly arranged marriage declaration form is submitted in 30 days. 

Surname Basics about the Bride
Marrying woman takes her husband’s surname. Woman should declare in a written petition that she wants to use her own surname together with her husband’s surname during the marriage process. If she did not notice during the marriage process, she can apply to the Civil Registry Directorship to be able to use her own surname next to her husband’s surname. After registration of maiden name, if she want to use only her husband’s surname, this could only possible with court verdict. Demand about the surname could be only once. Wife, who is carrying two surnames before the marriage, now can only have one of these.

Process Followed by Person Holding Foreign Citizenship
Foreign origin persons who get marry before the Turkish Authorized Officers will be given a family marriage book and upon their request they will be given multilingual marriage certificate. 
If this couple is a citizen of a country which is member of International Personal Rights Status Commission, proper form arranged and sent to the civil registry directorship where the couple born according to the act of number 3 international information exchange in 1958.

Republic Prosecutor Must be Noticed about Some Marriages

At the end of the first investigation on the marriage declaration sent to the Civil Registry Directorship; upon the understanding that the marriage is not completed in the presence of lawfully authorized officers, and upon the detection of one of the spouses is already married with someone else, or if there is relativeness between the couple which prohibits the marriage due to the Turkish Civil Law’s article 129, the marriage is registered into the family board and the situation will be reported to the Republic Prosecutor by the Civil Registry Directorship. 

Penalty Sentences
A married person apply for another marriage, a single person who apply for a marriage with a married person, applying for a marriage with a false identity, committing religious marriage ceremony with no official process and without having official confirmation of marriage committing religious ceremony. Those persons charged according to the 5237 serial numbered Turkish Penalty Law’s article 230 by the Republic Chief Prosecutor.

Asset Regulations in Marriage

Official Asset Regulation
It is primary to apply joint asset regulation to the assets that have had together by the spouses.

Spouses could prefer one of the following principles specified in the law: “distinction of asset”, “Asset distinction regulation with share” and “asset share regulation”.

Asset Regulation Contract
Asset regulation contract can be arranged before and after the marriage. Parties can choose, alter or dismiss the regulation only between the limitations specified by the law.
This regulation contract can be arranged before the notary public. During the marriage application, parties can declare the type of regulation they choose in a written petition.

It is required to be signed off by the legal represents in case it is mandatory. 
Marriage officers do not have to invite spouses to speak aloud about which principle they prefer. It does not prohibit the marriage if the spouses do not express their asset regulation preference. Marriage officers may accept spouses’ choice in place of one of the three multiple choices.

Marriage officers can not accept any other agreement which is not supported by the law. In this case, spouses can apply to the notary public

Repeal, Cancellation and Nullity of Marriage

After authorized by the court of first instance, marriage union ends this is called cancellation, nullity and repeal of the marriage.


Required Documents for The Higher Education and Undergraduate Degree Equivalency Applications


Required Documents for
The Higher Education and Undergraduate Degree Equivalency Application

Fill out the forms in the link below completely and correctly, 
Application Form and Passport Information Form

  1. Original High School diploma or authorized copy and photocopy.
  2. If your diploma is from a foreign institution, original diploma or authorized copy and photocopy.
  3. Original and photocopy of High School Equivalency document where you can have from Turkish Education Represent Office Abroad or Consulates of Ministry of National Education. If you are in Turkey, you can have your High School Equivalcy document from City National Education Directorate. (submit both original and photocopy)(if you completed your middle education in abroad, you are not required to submit documents mentioned in article 10 below)
  4. Higher education or Undergraduate diploma or graduation document translation authorized by the notary public, (also original and photocopy) (if you are outside of Turkey, Turkish Consulates must authorize the translation)
  5. Transcript of undergraduate or graduate education (official transcript translation and original document), documents shoud be authorized by a notary public or Turkish Consulate abroad,
  6. If you are transferred to the education institution from somewhere else, please attach the transcript you get from the previous institution. Have it translated into Turkish. Make sure that it is authorized by the notary public or Turkish Consulate abroad.
  7. Photocopy of your Turkish ID,
  8. Your original passport (belongs to diploma owner), photocopy of the page where you can see the entry/leaving stamps (must be clearly visible) or passport sample which is authorized by Turkish Consulates or Notary Public.
  9. Persons graduted from any university located in Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic (NCTR),  can submit entry / leaving document from NCTR Security Forces Commandership, Immigration Directorship, and R.T. Security General Directorhip.
  10. Persons who are placed (and graduated) by ÖSYM in a program included by the ÖSS Guide and persons (should complete their middle education in Turkey) who are graduated from the universities which is not included in the ÖSS Guide (after 1999), should submit any of the following documents they are supposed to have: ÖSS score report or SAT (min 1000 grade), ACT (min 21 grade ) , Abitur , French Bachelorship, GCE A Level  Certificate (min  2 classes ) , International Bachelorship (IB) and “matura”,
  11. Person who are not holding Turkish Citizenship must submit petition about “why do they need equivalency document” and its photocopy ,
  12. An envelope in 26 x 35 cm. size.
  13. R.T. Identification number. (Your ID should include this number, old IDs do not carry this number)
  14. If you are required to submit your TOEFL score, please apply to the ETS and get them sent your official score paper to the YÖK.
  15. For Bulgarian Diploma holders: Original Diploma, Transcript and academic documents must be translated into Turkish by a sworn translator and authorized by a notary public in Bulgaria. Those mentioned documents also should be approved by Bulgaria Ministry of Education and Bulgaria Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (If you are holding medical diploma, your documents should be approved by Bulgaria Ministry of Health). After following this process, please add other required documetns into your application.
  16. Persons who are previously holding foreign citizenship, should submit a document proving their both name (before/after citizenship change) belongs to the same person. This document can be taken from “R.T. Ministry of Internal Affairs, Population and Civil Registry Directorate
Upon the completing all your application documents, you can take them to:
IN PERSON:  Yükseköğretim Kurulu Başkanlığı Genel Evrak Birimi-BİLKENT/ANKARA
BY MAIL: Yükseköğretim Kurulu Başkanlığı  06539-BİLKENT/ANKARA


1.  Your orginal diploma that you submit will be returned to you by mail or you can have it back by visiting us in person after the equivalency process. Return process is up to your choice. All other documents will not be returned back to you. If you chose to have it back yourself, you should visit in person and your diploma will not be given any person other than you unless you designate a power of authority.
2.  If there is missing document, the process will be still hold. You will receive a mail showing which document(s) are missing. This will definitely cause some delay on the process.

How to get a passport for teenagers?

How to get a passport for teenagers? Yazdır e-Posta


  1. If the passport applicant is less than 18, parents must company him/her during the application process. They have passport in their own name even if they are todler or baby.
  2. Parents’ I.D. and their photocopies  are required.
  3. In case of divorce of the parents, court verdict about guardianship of the child should be submitted. All documents from your original country should be translated into Turkish any the translations authorized by the local Notary Public. 
  4. If there is another person or group who is holding the guardianship of the child, relevant court verdict should be submitted.
  5. When having passport for the persons under 18, mother, father or whoever the guardians are, should get letter of deed of consent from any local Notary Public office to be submitted to the Passport department during the application. 
  6. If the dependents parents/guardians are out of the Turkey, then they are required to get letter of deed of consent from the closest Turkish Consulates or Turkish Representmens  in the country you reside. You send this to the relevant Passport Department by fax.

Passport Translation


Passport Translation Yazdır e-Posta
  • Passport translations can be handled in very short period of time and we may need them very often as we use them many official processes in Turkey.  We can complete a Notary Public authorized passport translation in 45 minutes and deliver to you.
  • Notary Public offices charge you about 33 TL up to 20 rows, or 45 TL if the text is longer than 20 rows.
  • Passport types:

General Passport


Service Stamped Passport

Diplomatique Passport

Special Stamped Passport

Simultaneous Translations


Verbal Translation Services PDF Yazdır e-Posta

  • Assistance to customer visits from foreign countries, commercial events,

  • Assistance to appointments with Financial or Commercial Corporations, (over the phone-conference or presential meeting)

  • Assistance to the domestic or foreign country commercial exhibitions,

  • Assistance to the official commission from foreign countries,

  • Part of foreign marriage process, at the final declaration session,

  • During the verbal depositions at legal sessions at courts,

  • During the deposition or a complaint at governmental security departments,

  • During the appointments with a lawyer,

  • Turkish Equivalency of A Foreign Diploma


    Foreign Diploma Equivalency Yazdır e-Posta


    Before applying to any foreign education institution, you must certainly investigate whether it is recognized by YÖK (Turkish Higher Education Institutions Authority). You can ask specific questions about your situation by means of e-mail. YÖK Equivalency Info Desk replies your e-mails.

    If you have undergraduate, graduate or PhD degrees from an education institution abroad, you can get your diploma/degree recognized by Turkish authorities. Without doing this Turkish Government Organisations, Official Institutions will not recognize you as a degree holder. Your applications will not be accepted, you will not be counted as a qualified person for occupations which requires diploma.

    Required Documents for the Higher Education and Undergraduate Degree Equivalency Applications

    Required Documents for the Masters / Graduate Degrees Equivalency Applications

    Required Documents from the Non-Turkish Citizenship Holders

    Please make sure that all contact information is correct and they are not missing. If you ÖSYM başvuru numaranızı kaybetseniz bile e-postalarınızın değerlendirileceğini unutmayın.

    We may assist you during diploma equivalency process; filling out the application papers, passport information form, application letter, transcript translation, diploma translation and preparing you application letter.